The Company


The philosophy that governs our company is based on principles that are obvious to us, and inviolable.

The products we offer must have the highest quality while ensuring the best level for the price.

Relationships with customers and suppliers are not defined by numbers. There are deeply human and subject to mutual sincerity, honesty and consistency.
Finally, our customer service provided with speed and expertise before, during, and especially after the sale.


Our central facilities are in Chaidari, in a highly sophisticated place, where our customers can see all of our products and be informed upon them. Our team of experts is always here, ready to offer the best possible solution to every demand. Our salesmen, visit our partners' stores and provide costant advice and expertise to them. In addition, our highly knowledgeable and qualified team, assures that the whole sale process is flawless, without costing to anyone precious time and money.

In the industrial part (production of fastening materials), by being in accordance with the best European raw materials, we end up with products that are welcomed not only in the Greek market, but also in many other countries abroad. Our policy is based on transparency, respect, honesty and consistency. The principles mentioned above, serve only one purpose; High quality products, which apply to the exact needs of our customers-partners.


Consistent growth with constant quality upgrade of our products.
High variety of specialized tools and products, which cover the exact needs of our partners.
Innovative tools and materials.
CRISTALLIDIS S.A. team of experts, always ready to give advice and guidance before, during and after the sale process. Service is also available!
Constant quality controls in all of our products, which assure that our partners are always satisfied and pleased with our products.
Collaboration with the most prominent and specialized companies from all over the world.

Our company was founded in 1964 by CONSTANTINOS CRISTALLIDIS.
He - himself - emanates from the furniture field, and up to then works as a foreman and a person in charge of model production and development for one of the bigger industries of that era in Greece.

♦ In 1966 starts to import and market portable woodworking tools.
♦In 1970 the company "DESPINA C. CRISTALLIDIS" is founded with the objective of importing and marketing, furniture and upholstery materials, extending thus our activities.
♦ In 1979 the company "CRISCO - C. CRISTALLIDIS & SON" is founded with the objective of manufacturing fasteners. In 1994 we celebrate our 30 years anniversary from the foundation of the first company, in our new privately-owned premises in Haidari, in a bigger (2.000 sq.m.), more functional and ultramodern in organization issues, storage and presentation space.
♦ In 1995 our three companies are incorporated in one, titled "CRISTALLIDIS S.A." aiming at all times to the constant improvement of the services provided to our customers, and the best order operation of our enterprise.
♦ In 2014 we are completing 50 years of continuous, reliable and decent presence along with our collaborators. The range of our products that are produced and imported, is much bigger, and is enriched continuously with pioneer and revolutionary tools for the craftsmen facilitation of various professions.


And we continue . . .

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