Privacy policy


The company entitled, ‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’, established in Haidari Attiki, 167, Athinon Ave., 124 61, tel +30 210 5817319, with e-mail address; [email protected], functions as a data controller and data processor. This means that; it collects, stores, uses and under certain circumstances, processes your personal data, in ways specifically described below.

‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’ takes into account and fully complies with the existing National Legislation which covers Data Protection & Privacy Policy and all the terms and conditions of the New GDPR EU Regulation 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation)


During your visit to our website, you will not be asked to sign up any personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, postal code etc).

Your personal data – contact details, in case you communicate with us via an e-mail, (by posing us questions concerning our products), are kept safely and only for the purposes which were originally provided to the company (carrying out our clients’ orders). In other words, when you come in touch with us by sending us an e-mail, using our electronic platform available on our website, you state to us some personal data, which are necessary to us and help us cover your demand.

Access to the provided data, has only the authorized personnel of ‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’.

‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’, is committed to data security – provides all necessary safeguards for the protection of all the personal information received, during its contact with you.

At this point, please note the following:

Once the company receives the e-mail of the client, with the specific demand, contacts the client and issues the relative Proforma. The data of these Proformas are transferred to the Sales Department of ‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’. If these Proformas, do not come out as actual orders, after 1 year (calendar year) are permanently deleted.

When browsing our site, web statistics are collected (visitors’ counting statistics), which are automatically deleted, after your exit from our website.

Strictly, no personal information-data is shared with anybody. We maintain only the minimum information required, so that we successfully complete our transaction with you.

You have the right to ask for a copy and have access to your personal data we possess. ‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’ operates in full transparency and operates in a system based on your consent. Any time you wish your data can be deleted from our files. The only thing you should do is send us a relative e-mail with the following statement: ‘PLEASE SHRED ALL MY PERSONAL DATA FROM THE FILES OF YOUR COMPANY’.

As far as, the reception of newsletters, promotional leaflets and special offers, that ‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’, sends to its clients, this takes place, only after having acquired your consent. To set this point differently, before receiving any newsletter from us, you will have received an e-mail asking you if you wish to be informed upon our news, offers etc. If, you wish to receive, you will answer to us, saying ‘YES’. If not, the answer to this e-mail should be ‘NO’. No promotional actions take place without your consent.


‘CRISTALLIDIS S.A.’, does not use personalized cookies when browsing our website and does not collect, store or share any data. We do not use cookies that include information about your location, type of device you use and details about your online browsing history.

Cookies are used only for counting the number of the visitors to this website. (Google Analytics).

The login function as well as the login form that exist in this website, are turned off.


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