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Welcome to our website www.crisco.gr. This website includes our online store "E-shop" through which customers can purchase the products displayed online and available for sale. Our Company is purely commercial and apart from the materials it manufactures itself, its products are supplied by reputable manufacturers - suppliers in Greece or abroad.

www.crisco.gr is the online store for the exhibition and sale of products via the Internet of the Greek limited liability company " ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε” located at 167 Athens Avenue, Haidari, Attica, Greece (Tax ID: 094422847 / D.O.Y. ATHENS TAX OFFICE). Before entering the online store and browsing our website, we invite you to consult the following terms and conditions, which apply specifically to the use of the online store of ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε., located at www.crisco.gr.

Please ensure that you agree to the following terms and conditions because any transaction with us through the above website www.crisco.gr is governed by the following terms and your transaction with us implies your acceptance of these terms.

ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε.  reserves the right to unilaterally amend or renew these terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store.



The Company reserves the right, at any time, without justification and without prior notification of the visitor, to:

a) Changes, unilaterally modifies or renews these terms and conditions of transactions made through its online store.

b) Renew or upgrade part or all of the content of the Website.

c) Updates or upgrades part or all of the interface, structure or configuration of the Website and its technical specifications.

(d) Restrict access to all or part of the Website.

e) Cancel, suspend permanently or temporarily or terminate its operation.

f) Modify the presentations of the Products offered for sale, permanently or temporarily remove presentations of Products for sale (some or all) of specific or all suppliers.

Such changes will be made by posting or modifications on our Website without further notice to you.

The content on this website is the property of ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε. or used under special licenses from its suppliers. As such, it is considered the intellectual property of ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Εand is governed by the principles, laws and provisions of copyright law. Any copying, reproduction and republication of contents of crisco.gr, in any way, without prior written permission of the owner is prohibited.

Our aim is to properly inform the customer about all products with technical data, descriptions, product images. However, cases of errors in prices and product characteristics during the entry of data due to human error cannot be excluded.

All prices of our products do NOT include VAT 24%, while crisco.gr has every right to adjust prices.


ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε is committed to the completeness and validity of the information provided on its website www.crisco.gr, both in terms of the existence of the essential characteristics described for each product available, as well as the accuracy of the data concerning the services provided by its online store, subject to any technical or typographical errors that have escaped attention or have occurred unintentionally or due to any interruptions in the operation of the website for reasons of force majeure.


The online store of ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε is not responsible for any technical problems that may occur to users when they attempt to access the website and during this and have to do with the operation or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the use of the website. Also, ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε.. has no responsibility for acts or omissions of third parties and in particular unauthorized interventions of third parties in products and / or services and / or information available through this website.


The website www.crisco.gr is the official website of ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε”. All the content of the web pages, posted by ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε, including images, graphics, photographs, drawings, texts, services and products provided are the intellectual property of ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε and are protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and international conventions. The names, images, logos and distinctive features that represent ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε and/or its online store and / or third parties contracted with them, as well as their products or services, are exclusive trademarks and distinctive features of ΚΡΥΣΤΑΛΛΙΔΗΣ Α.Ε.Β.Ε and/or www.crisco.gr and/or the above third parties and are protected by Greek, Community and international laws on trademarks and industrial and intellectual property and unfair-imperfect competition.

In any case, their appearance and display on the www.crisco.gr web pages should not in any way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.


Our Company makes every effort to provide high quality services. However, cases of errors in prices and secondary products cannot be excluded and it cannot be guaranteed that there will be no interruptions in the operation of the website or "human" errors when updating / indicating the price of a product. For the safety and efficiency of your purchases, we invite you if you find that a product is offered at an unusually low or high price in relation to its market value, before proceeding with the order, to contact the Customer Service Department at 210 5817319 or via the email form on the website.

Especially for the terms and conditions we recommend you to visit them frequently and definitely before completing any purchase. It is clarified that the change of terms and conditions does not affect orders you have already placed.


A cookie is a small electronic file, usually consisting of letters and numbers, which is sent from a website and stored on the user's electronic device, allowing the identification of that device. The www.crisco.gr website uses cookies to manage login sessions, to provide personalized information and to tailor advertising and other content to the specific needs, wants and interests of users. More information about the use of cookies can be found in the Cookies Policy.


All symbols identifying the products sold on crisco.gr and published on the website are registered trademarks of their respective owners and are used on crisco.gr strictly for the identification, description and advertising of the products sold on crisco.gr.

You may not, without the consent of crisco.com and any other owner of the registered trademarks published on the website, use these trademarks to identify products or services.

Any unlawful or unauthorized use of such trademarks is prohibited and will result in severe consequences. Such trademarks and any other distinctive mark published on crisco.gr shouldn’t be used for any reason whatsoever to take unfair advantage of their specific character or reputation or in any way that causes damage to them or their owners.


Thank you for your interest in making your purchases through our online store. Our company provides you with the following ways of placing your orders.


  1. Through our website www.crisco.gr you can navigate and choose the product that suits you from a wide range of items we provide.

  2. The intelligent categorization of items, the additional use of quick filters, as well as the linking of all consumables to the corresponding machines/tools and vice versa will quickly and effortlessly lead you to a list of products suitable for your needs. In this list you can simply select the product you are interested in and be guided to its corresponding tab, where you will find all the additional information (detailed descriptions, photos, rich accompanying material such as PDFs, videos, etc.) you will need for your final selection.

  3. Once you have found the item that meets your needs, select it and the product will be automatically transferred to your shopping cart. If you wish to continue shopping continue with a new search, otherwise select "Cart" to be taken to the list of products you have selected for purchase. There you can manage the final quantity of each product or even remove it from the list altogether. If you have finished with the selection of products select "Complete Order" and you will automatically be redirected to "Checkout" where you can complete your order quickly and securely.


  4. If for any reason you do not wish to place your order online, you can call us at 210 5817319 and place your order by phone to one of our experienced associates. For your convenience, please note the code and description of the product(s) you selected through your navigation to transfer them to our partner.

    Our calling center is available from Monday to Friday, from 08:00am to 16:00pm.


Another method for placing your order is to use e-mail.

Fill in the details of the code(s) you wish to order and send them to us via e-mail at [email protected]

When we receive your order a member of our team will soon call you on the contact number you have filled in, for any questions or clarification required.


It is our Company's desire that all its customers are fully satisfied with their purchases and our products.

Therefore, if you no longer wish to purchase the products, even if you have already placed the order, you may, under certain conditions, return the products. And if, the product you buy is defective or lacks an agreed feature, you can also return it.

In any case, the Company will ensure that you are fully satisfied in the ways listed below.

To activate the return procedure you must first send us your request. Fill in all the necessary details such as order number, return product, reason for return as well as your contact details. Upon receipt of your request, one of our associates will contact you by phone or email to provide clarifications.

If the product is being returned for any reason other than damage or defective operation, then, the original packaging must not have been tampered with.

Upon receipt of the returned product in our store, it is evaluated by our associates and then we proceed to replace, correct the product or credit all/or part of the value of the product as appropriate.

After the positive evaluation our Company will refund the total cost of the product (value + VAT) or credit your online account for future purchases from our online or physical store. If upon your request and a relevant evaluation by the Company a) a reduction or refund of the price is agreed, then our payment to you will be for the amount agreed in this regard or b) a correction or replacement of the product is agreed, the relevant actions will be taken to send you the new or corrected product.

Refunds shall be made by deposit to your bank account, which you shall indicate to us. This process will be completed within 15 days from the date of receipt of your products at our premises.

If there is a replacement request and no stock is available we can agree to send you another product of your choice, which if it has a higher price you will have to pay the extra difference in advance and if it has a lower price we will credit you and pay the corresponding amount within the same 15 day period as above.

Returns without proof of purchase and receipt will not be accepted, and returns of special orders due to unjustified withdrawal will not be accepted.

In any case of returns due to problems or damages incurred during the transportation of the products from our headquarters to your headquarters, will not be accepted for any reason.

To avoid any inconvenience or misunderstanding, it is advisable to check the condition of the products and their packaging at the time of delivery of your order in order to detect immediately any obvious defects or deficiencies.


Every consumer durable good is accompanied by a written guarantee from the manufacturer of the product or the business that imported the product into the EU or the business that puts its trade marks on the product by claiming to be the manufacturer (hereinafter "the Supplier"). Please pay particular attention to the terms of the warranty provided by the Supplier as well as to the other accompanying documents and information which the Supplier is responsible for including in the products, in particular those relating to information on the safe use and maintenance of the products.

The guarantee must include, in plain, legible and intelligible language in Greek, at least the name and address of the guarantor, the product to which the guarantee relates, its exact content, its duration and the extent of its territorial validity. The guarantee must comply with the rules of good faith and must not be invalidated by excessive exclusion clauses. The duration of the guarantee must be reasonable in relation to the likely lifetime of the product. The probable lifetime of the product is the reasonably expected period of time during which the product can be used in accordance with its intended purpose, even after repair or replacement of spare parts, until wear and tear from regular use renders the product unusable or its further use economically unviable.


Without limiting the provisions on withdrawal, the cancellation of the order may be made in the following cases: Before the order is completed, during the online ordering process you can go back and remove the quantities of products from your cart by clicking on the "remove" button. If the online order has been completed, but the product has not yet been shipped you can call 210 5817319 and one of our associates will take care of cancelling your order. After receiving the product, call us at 210 5817319 or contact us through the email form on the website, explaining the reason why you wish to cancel the order. One of our associates will assist you immediately and inform you of all your options. In case your order has already been invoiced and you wish to cancel it then contact the Customer Service Department and provide your order details.


Your order may be delayed for the following reasons:

The product has been delayed in being shipped by our supplier: In order to be able to offer you very competitive prices, we order our products from a very wide range of suppliers either domestic or international. However, there are occasions when an order may be "stuck" in customs or in transit, so we may not have it in our warehouse when we expect it. In such a case, we will contact you to ask if you would like us to deliver the order without this product or suggest an alternative. We will send you this item as soon as we receive it in our warehouses.

The product you ordered has already been discontinued and is not available: Among the products we display in our online store there are rare cases where the supplier suddenly and without warning, announces that they are discontinued. In this case an employee of our company will contact you directly to give you all alternatives.

In periods of extreme weather or strikes and in any case of force majeure, which may affect the transport and delivery of your order.

In case it is impossible to contact you by telephone and/or e-mail (if there is a problem with your order, either in relation to the product or in relation to its payment) because, for example, your details you have entered are not correctly updated. In any case, the delay will not exceed thirty days from the conclusion of the contract.


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